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Various Artists - Songs Collected

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Various Artists
Songs Collected

Label Drums & Wires Recordings
Erstveröffentlichung 29.01.2021
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 11,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Exklusiv beim Glitterhouse Mailorder.
Debut-Compilation des in Seattle beheimateten Drums & Wires Label, das vom Walkabout Bassisten Michael Wells in's Lebengerufen wurde..
CD im dicken matten,, 6-seitigem digisleeve.


Drums & Wires Recordings is a niche record label and curated online music catalog featuring 40 artists and over 100 album titles. We’re excited to announce that eleven of these artists are being presented together on Songs Collected, the debut label compilation album featuring new songs recorded exclusively for this release by Johnny Sangster (Neko Case, Mark Lanegan), Michael Shuler, Terri Tarantula (Walkabouts, Transmissionary Six), Loose Wing, Chris Eckman (Walkabouts, Glitterbeat Records), Downpilot (Paul Hiraga), Mike Dumovich, JR Rhodes, Greg Dember, Long Wasted, and Glimmer.
The set ranges from a revelatory performance delivered by Chris Eckman, songwriter for legendary Seattle band The Walkabouts, that captures the moment we're living in so well, to the atmospheric, fingerpicked guitar and deeply felt music of Mike Dumovich, and from the soul-affirming blues of JR Rhodes to the epic folk-rock and pop of Michael Shuler featuring drummer Gary Ferguson (John Hiatt) and bassist Fernando Perdomo (Echo in the Canyon). Songs Collected is an eclectic set of new, original, and exclusive tracks by an amazing group of songwriters and musicians at the peak of their talent. 

A year ago, when I began asking musicians for the songs you’re about to listen to on this record, no one could have foreseen the global pandemic and righteous uprising for racial equity and justice awaiting us just around the corner. Whether or not it was the intention of these artists, their songs offered here speak directly to the times we’re living in, and all that we're feeling... the isolation, fear, grief, anger, love, hope, empowerment, and not least our need for release; for some tears, for a good laugh, for a good song. You can hear deep catharsis in these words and in these performances. I hope you’re able to find and lose yourself in these songs as much as I have.
Michael Wells

1. Terri Tarantula - Age Of The Amateur<
>2. Downpilot - Jupiter<
>3. Loose Wing - Darlings<
>4. Chris Eckman - The There's The Rain<
>5. Long Wasted - Two Minds<
>6. Michael Shuler - New Valentine's Day<
>7. Jihnny Sanster - This Fall<
>8. JR Rhodes - Spilt Milk<
>9. Mike Dumovich - January Falls<
>10. Greg Dember - Secret Army<
>11. Glimmer - Build A Fire With Your Love
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