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Pixies - Doolittle

Cover von Doolittle

Label 4AD
Erstver÷ffentlichung 01.09.2001
Format CD
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Vinyl-Reissue auf 4 AD. Das Album von 1989. Frank Black und Co. strotzen vor Energie, bei aller, kunstvoller Lńrmentwicklung gelingt aber auch noch der eine oder andere Hook, den man als daherwalzenden, aufgepumpten rumpelnden Pop bezeichnen k÷nnte. Das Album kann man auch in 20 Jahren noch mit staunen Řber sich ergehen lassen.


ôAfter 1988■s brilliant but abrasive Surfer Rosa, the Pixies■ sound couldn■t get much more extreme. Their Elektra debut Doolittle, reigns in the noise in favor of pop songcraft and accessibility. Producer Gil Norton■s sonic sheen adds some polish, but Black Francis■ tighter songwriting focuses the group■s attack. Doolittle■s most ferocious moments, like "Dead," a visceral retelling of David and Bathsheba■s affair --are more stylized than the group■s past outbursts. Meanwhile, their poppy side surfaces on the irresistible single "Here Comes Your Man" and the sweetly surreal love song "La La Love You." The Pixies■ arty, noisy weirdness mix with just enough hooks to produce gleefully demented singles like "Debaser," -- inspired by Bunuel■s classic surrealist short Un Chien Andalou ľ and "Wave of Mutilation," their surfy ode to driving a car into the sea. Though Doolittle■s sound is cleaner and smoother than the Pixies■ earlier albums, there are still plenty of weird, abrasive vignettes: the blankly psychotic "There Goes My Gun," "Crackity Jones," a song about a crazy roommate Francis had in Puerto Rico, and the nihilistic finale "Gouge Away." Meanwhile, "Tame," and "I Bleed" continue the Pixies■ penchant for cryptic kink. But the album doesn■t just refine the Pixies■ soun

they also expand their range on the brooding, wannabe spaghetti western theme űűSilverűű and the strangely theatrical űűMr. Grieves.űű űűHeyűű and űűMonkey Gone to Heaven,űű on the other hand, stretch Francis■ lyrical horizons: űűMonkeyűű■s elliptical environmentalism and űűHeyűű■s twisted longing are the Pixies■ versions of message songs and romantic ballads. Their most accessible album, Doolittle■s wide-ranging moods and sounds make it one of their most eclectic and ambitious. A fun, freaky alternative to most other late-■80s college rock, it■s easy to see why the album made the Pixies into underground rock stars.ö(All Music Guide)
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