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Various / Honest Jons - London Is The Place For Me Vol. 1 & 2

Cover von London Is The Place For Me Vol. 1 & 2
Various / Honest Jons
London Is The Place For Me Vol. 1 & 2

Label Honest Jons
Erstveröffentlichung 13.05.2013
Format 2-CD
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Ein exzellenter Mix aus Calypso, Highlife, Jazz und Afrobeat.
Inklusive umfangreichem Booklet mit vielen schönen Coverabbildungen und Fotos der Künstler und Musiker.

1. Lord Kitchener: London is the place for me<
>2. Young Tiger: I was there (at the Coronation)<
>3.Lord Beginner: Mix up matrimony<
>4. Lord Kitchener: My Landlady<
>5. Lord Kitchener: Kitch's Bebop Calypso<
>6. Lord Beginner: Victory test match<
>7. Lord Kitchener: Birth of Ghana<
>8. Lord Invader: Aguiti<
>9. Lord Beginner: Jamaica Hurricane<
>10. Lord Kitchener: Kitch in the jungle<
>11. Mighty Terror: No Carnival In Britain<
>12. Lord Kitchener: The underground train<
>13. Lord Beginner: Housewives<
>14. The Lion: Some Girl Something<
>15. Lord Kitchener: Saxophone No. 2<
>16. Lord Beginner: Fed-A-Ray<
>17. Timothy: Bulldog Don't Bite Me<
>18. The Lion: Spanish Calypso<
>19. Lord Kitchener: If you're not white you're black<
>20. Lord Kitchener: Sweet Jamaica<
>CD 2:<
>1. Young Tiger: Calypso be<
>2. Ambrose Campbell: Yolanda<
>3. Mona Baptiste: Calypso Blues<
>4. West African Rhythm Brothers: Adura<
>5. Lord Kitchener: My wife's nightie<
>6. West African Rhythm Brothers: Ominira<
>7. West African Rhythm Brothers: Eroya<
>8. Lord Beginner: General election<
>9. The Lion: Kalenda March<
>10. Tunji Oyelana: Omonike<
>11. Shake Keane & His Highlifers: Balonga<
>12. King Timothy: Gerrard Street<
>13. West African Swing Stars: E.T. Mensah's rolling ball<
>14. Ambrose Campbell: Ashiko Rhythm<
>15. West African Swing Stars: Omo Africa<
>16. Gwigwi Mrwebi: Nyusamkhaya<
>17. Russ Henderson: West Indian drums<
>18. Lord Beginner: Nobody wants to grow old<
>19. Rans's Ghana Highlife Band Boi: Gbonimawo<
>20. West African Rhythm Brothers: Sing the blues
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