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Califone - Roots & Crowns

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Roots & Crowns

Label Thrill Jockey
Erstveröffentlichung 12.08.2022
Format LP
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Califone"s earliest roots lie in the band Red Red Meat, from whence came Califone"s founding members Tim Rutili and Ben Massarella and its longtime producer Brian Deck. The band"s first release was a self-titled EP on Flydaddy in 1998, followed later by the full-length debut, Roomsound, in 2001 (later reissued on Thrill Jockey) and eventually the band"s Thrill Jockey debut, Quicksand/ Cradlesnakes in 2003. After touring for the release of Roomsound, Califone had little time off to take in the impact of the music they were creating. In three years, they recorded four albums (two instrumental, two song-based including Heron King Blues) and toured heavily in between with Wilco, Modest Mouse, The Sea and Cake and others. After the tour for Heron King Blues in 2004, Califone finally took a breath and came back together in late 2005 to begin recordings. They worked on it in chunks at 4Deuces Studio in Chicago with Brian Deck, in Long Beach and Phoenix with Michael Krassner, and at home in Los Angeles and Chicago until May 2006. The time away and each member"s individual work naturally brought new elements into the sound of Califone"s music. Both Rutili"s and Becker"s soundtrack work are more atmospheric, however the challenge of enhancing a scene of film without cluttering it or overwhelming it informed their approach to the new recording. Similarly, the burglary of Califone"s equipment during the band"s last tour (including guitars, banjo, a 1917 violin, bells and more) altered the sound as they had to find new gear on a tight budget. The instruments are new partners, new sounds that forced them to stretch in new directions. Limitations, obstructions and darkness, and the new possibilities they illuminate; roots and crowns. "In that way", says Rutili, "this album is a conscious and resolved thing. It fully realizes ideas we touched on in the past and where we come from as a band, and takes us into our next phase of life."

1. Pink and Sour<
>2. Spider's House<
>3. Sunday Noises<
>4. The Eye You Lost in the Crusades<
>5. A Chinese Actor<
>6. Alice Crawley<
>7. The Orchids (Psychic TV)<
>8. Burned by the Christians<
>9. Black Metal Valentine<
>10. Rose-Petal-Ear<
>11. 3 Legged Animals
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