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Alhaji Waziri Oshomah - Waziri Vol. 1-5 (1978 -1984)

Cover von Waziri Vol. 1-5 (1978 -1984)
Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Waziri Vol. 1-5 (1978 -1984)

Label Luaka Bop
Erstveröffentlichung 25.11.2022
Format 5-CD Boxset
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
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This Boxset focuses on Waziri"s Illustrious Mid-Career Output - The Music he created during the years leading up to and after he performed his first Hajj (You Might Recognize some of the Hits from The Muslim Highlife) - And includes a copy of The Journey so far, a Limited-Edition Book written and designed by his children, To celebrate Waziri"s remarkable life And career.

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