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Tim Buckley - Greetings From L.A.

Cover von Greetings From L.A.
Tim Buckley
Greetings From L.A.

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1972 erschien schließlich "Greetings From LA", ein Album, bei dem Buckley wiederum eine völlig andere Richtung einschlug. Straighter Rock, Al Green-style Soul, viel Funk und statt mysteriöser Texte direkte Statements zum Thema Sex. "Sweet Surrender" war zu meiner Jugend ein absoluter Dancefloor-Hit in unserer Dorfdisco.


Tim Buckley brought in 20 musicians for the recording of?’Greetings From LA’, his seventh studio album, and none were more important to its overall funky, honky-tonk sound than guitarist Joe Falsia, whose searing electric playing is the perfect foil to Buckley’s 12-string guitar. Buckley's voice had a truly astonishing range, great control and timbre, and the ability to be both powerful and delicate. He was also a fine artist, who used his amazing voice more like a musical instrument. The music is timeless, it could of been made yesterday. ‘Greetings From L.A.’ is about the night. About when 1960s free love became 1970s pleasure hunt. Not many performers took the sexual revolution to these heights. His father's music was probably Jeff Buckley’s biggest inspiration.

1. Move With Me<
>2. Get On Top<
>3. Sweet Surrender<
>4. Nighthawkin'<
>5. Devil Eyes<
>6. Hong Kong Bar<
>7. Make It Right
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