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Chantal Acda - Silently Held (w/ The Atlantic Drifters)

Cover von Silently Held (w/ The Atlantic Drifters)
Chantal Acda
Silently Held (w/ The Atlantic Drifters)

Label Challenge
Erstveröffentlichung 03.05.2024
Format LP
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 25,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Silently Held comes to life with the collaborative brilliance of accomplished musicians. Bill Frisell with his beautiful understanding of Chantal’s flow of melody, Eric Thielemans who brings his percussive mastery to the mix. Jozef Dumoulin playing the piano with immense calmth. Thomas Morgan's who seems to be picking magic out of the skies with his bass and Shahzad Ismaily's golden touch as a multi-instrumentalist contribute to the album's rich texture. Colin Stetson, renowned for his avant-garde saxophone work but also his work for Bon Iver, lends his unique voice, creating moments of emotive intensity.
And Joachim Badenhorst, Niels Van Heertum and Kurt Van Herck finishing the album with their beautiful brass. Guided by the skilled production of Philip Weinrobe (known from his work for Dirty Projectors and Adrienne Lenker) the album's sonic landscape is carefully crafted. Most of the songs recorded in one take. One breath to keep close to the realness and rawness Chantal was looking for. Meanwhile, the experienced touch of mixing engineer Phill Brown (Talk Talk, Mark Hollis,..) who has been very present on Chantal’s journey for years.

1. One day, one life<
>2I. can t make you love me<
>3. Above<
>4. Hear it out<
>5. The friends parade<
>6. Silently held<
>7. Taking part<
>8. Seafoam<
>9. The barn
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