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Jesus & Mary Chain - Munki (remastered, lim.ed. Colored Vinyl)

Cover von Munki (remastered, lim.ed. Colored Vinyl)
Jesus & Mary Chain
Munki (remastered, lim.ed. Colored Vinyl)

Label Fuzz Club
Erstveröffentlichung 20.10.2023
Format 2-LP
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 29,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Wiederveröffentlichung, remastered. Limitierte Auflage: Die eine Platte in rotem, die andere in blauem Vinyl.

Mit ihrem 1998er Album, ihr sechstes, damals veröffentlicht auf Creation und in den USA auf Sub Pop, und das letzte vor der Auflösung der Band boten die Reid-Brüder wieder ihre Version von Popmusik an, teilweise minimalistischen, von Feedback beladenen Noise-Pop der Trendsetter Art.
„...this stuff will crush your spine to powder... The vibe is pure Spector-Ramones-Velvets, with a modern electronic twist...“. - MOJO


To celebrate the album"s 25-year anniversary, The Jesus And Mary Chain are reissuing their long-sold-out sixth studio album "Munki". Out on Fuzz Club, the reissue arrives on CD and gatefold double LP. The vinyl has been remastered by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, Jack White, Liam Gallagher). Originally released June 2nd 1998 on Sub Pop / Creation Records, "Munki" was - up until the Mary Chain"s reformation in 2007 - an experimental rock"n"roll masterclass turned swan song for the Reid brothers, whose fractious in-fighting culminated in the band"s break-up less than a year after its release. It was perhaps fitting, then, that "Munki" is argued by some as the definitive Mary Chain record in the way it seemed to chart the full array of musical directions the band had ploughed over the five records that came before.

1. I Love Rock 'N' Roll<
>2. Birthday<
>3. Stardust Remedy<
>4. Fizzy<
>5. Moe Tucker<
>6. Perfume (feat.Hope Sandoval)<
>7. Virtually Unreal<
>8. Degenerate<
>9. Cracking Up<
>10. Commercial<
>11. Supertramp<
>12. Never Understood<
>13. I Can't find The Time For Times<
>14. Man On The Moon<
>15. Black<
>16. Dream Lover<
>17. I Hate Rock 'N' Roll
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