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Parchman Prison Prayer - Some Mississippi Sunday Morning

Cover von Some Mississippi Sunday Morning
Parchman Prison Prayer
Some Mississippi Sunday Morning

Label Glitterbeat
Erstveröffentlichung 15.09.2023
Format LP
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Beeindruckende Aufnahmen aus dem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis Parchman Farm in Mississippi. Der Produzent Ian Brennan (Ustad Saami, Tinariwen) nahm den sonntäglichen Gospel-Gottesdienst des Gefängnisses auf und die Ergebnisse sind unvergesslich. Die Darbietungen reichen vom Solo-Acapella-Gesang bis hin zu einer Band, die den Boden zum Beben bringt. Das Repertoire umfasst sowohl traditionelle als auch neu komponierte Spirituals. Die Emotionen sind ungefiltert und klingen tief nach.


"Some Mississippi Sunday Morning" is an unfiltered and deeply resonant journey into a musical world rarely seen or heard. In February 2023, Grammy-winning music producer, Ian Brennan traveled to Mississippi to record with the prisoners of the notorious Parchman Prison. The institution has a rich musical history with Son House, Bukka White, Mose Allison and Elvis Presley!s father, Vernon Presley, having been former residents. The bureaucratic process for his visit took over three years. Granted approval a little more than a week before, Brennan caught a red eye flight to be there on a Sunday morning for the few hours he was allowed to record. The chaplains of the prison convened a special service of various singers from across the dozen or so different services that take place every Sunday at Parchman. Somewhat bashful at first, the men volunteered one-by-one and sang a capella songs. Inspired by one another, those that had initially refused or were reluctant to sing, eventually stepped-up to the microphone and many took second turns as the morning unfolded. The entire meeting climaxed with an unplanned, full-band free for all as the musicians traded off the chapel"s instruments on-the-fly.

1. Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord<
>2. I Give Myself Away, So You Can Use Me<
>3. Break Every Chain<
>4. Jesus, Every Day Your Name is the Same<
>5. Step into the Water<
>6. Solve My Need<
>7. Falling in Love with Jesus Was the Best Thing I've Ever<
>8. You Did Not Leave Me, You Bless Me Still<
>9. If I Couldn't Say One Word, I'll Just Wave My Hand<
>10. I Gotta Run<
>11. Hosanna<
>12. Locked Down, Mama Prays for Me<
>13. It's in My Heart<
>14. I'm Still Here<
>15. Lay My Burden Dow
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