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Abner Jay - True Story Of Abner Jay

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Abner Jay
True Story Of Abner Jay

Label Mississippi Records
Erstveröffentlichung 16.10.2009
Format LP
Lieferzeit 2 – 3 Wochen
Preis 21,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Compilation culled from Abners' self released LPs & 7"s featuring hits such as 'I'm So Depressed,' 'Cocaine', 'Vietnam,' & 'The Reason Young People Do Drugs.' Abner Jay was a one-man band He plays the guitar or 6-string electric banjo, harmonica and bass drum and high hat with his feet. A singer/songwriter deserving of a wider listening audience than he received in his day. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970s and is a true classic. Great soulful folk / folkie blues. LP includes three inserts including a biography, an informative pamphlet ab

A1. I'm So Depressed<
>A2. Cocaine<
>A3. Vietnam<
>A4. St James Infirmiry Blues<
>A5. Cleo<
>B1. Woke Up This Morning<
>B2. My Mule<
>B3. Ol Man River<
>B4. Don't Mess With My Baby<
>B5. I Am Georgia Bound<
>B6. The Reason Young People Use Drugs