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Wipers - Follow Blind

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Follow Blind

Label Music On CD
Erstveröffentlichung 08.12.2023
Format CD
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Ein spätes, von 1987, und zu Unrecht übersehenes Album der Punk Rocker aus Portland, Oregon. Dieses hier kommt um einiges Riff-rockiger daher als die Vorgänger.


“Follow Blind” is the fifth studio album by punk rock band The Wipers, originally released in 1987. This is the first CD to highlight the virtuoso guitar playing of Greg Sage. It is a very transparent production, something in which the previous Wipers releases did not really excel. Here you can clearly hear note by note how Greg Sage builds a song. The rest of the group, Steve Plouf /dr) & Brad Davidson (bs), also places their own emphasis on this, including: through double-layered basslines. A good solid album; more mature than the first more punky LP's; again with that inimitable sound of Greg's guitar and band sound.

1. Follow blind<
>2. Someplace else<
>3. Any time you find<
>4. The chill remains<
>5. Let it slide<
>6. Against the wall<
>7. No doubt about it<
>8. Don't belong to you<
>9. Losers town<
>10. Coming down<
>11. Next time