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Ambrose Adekoya Campbell - London Is The Place For Me 3

Cover von London Is The Place For Me 3
Ambrose Adekoya Campbell
London Is The Place For Me 3

Label Honest Jons
Erstveröffentlichung 30.11.2007
Format 2-LP
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Ambrose Campbell was acclaimed by Fela Kuti's generation -- by Fela himself -- as the founder of modern Nigerian music.
Several of his recordings lit up London Is the Place for Me 2 (HJR 016LP, 2006), and Volume Three is devoted to his music, drawing on the 78s he cut in London over ten years from 1949. Nearly all the tracks assembled here come from recordings made for the Melodisc label and originally released as 10" 78 rpm singles. People who bought these records at the time can still recall how it was when the percussion team -- among them Ade Bashorun, Salustiano, Dos Anjos, Manny Myers and "Lati" Pedro -- built their polyrhythms in Ola Dosunmu's kingdom. With the melodic guitars of Brewster and Ambrose coming together behind Campbell's soothing voice, the musicians contrived to paint an evocative, enduring picture of palm wine Lagos nights." - Val Wilmer

1. West African Rhythm Brothers–We Have It In Africa (2:20)<
>2. West African Rhythm Brothers–Oba Adele (3:26)<
>3. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group–The Wind In A Frolic (3:26)<
>4. West African Rhythm Brothers–Iku Koni Payin (3:44)<
>5. Ayinde Bakare & His Meranda Orchestra–Ibikunle Alakija (2:35)<
>6. West African Rhythm Brothers–Omo Laso (2:26)<
>7. West African Rhythm Brothers–Calabar-O (3:00)<
>8. West African Rhythm Brothers–Emi Wa Wa Lowo Re (2:48)<
>9. West African Rhythm Brothers–Iwa D'Arekere (3:08)<
>10. West African Rhythm Brothers–Ominara (3:01)<
>11. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group–The Memorial Of Chief J. K. Randle(2:48)<
>12. West African Rhythm Brothers–Mofi Ajabi Seyin(3:20)<
>13. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group–Unity (2:50)<
>14. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group–Oratido Soso (2:47)<
>15. West African Rhythm Brothers–Ayami (2:22)<
>16. West African Rhythm Brothers–Oba Ademola II (3:04)<
>17. West African Rhythm Stars–Late Ojo Davies (3:01)<
>18. West African Rhythm Stars–Geneva Conference (3:08)<
>19. West African Rhythm Brothers–Ele Da Awa (2:44)<
>20. West African Rhythm Brothers–Aye Wa Adara (2:55)<
>21. West African Rhythm Brothers–Lagos Mambo (2:43)<
>22. West African Rhythm Brothers–Odudua(1:56)<
>23. West African Rhythm Brothers–I Am A Stranger (2:51)