Watkins Family Hour: Vol. II - Hilfe

Watkins Family Hour - Vol. II

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Watkins Family Hour
Vol. II

Label Thirty Tigers
Erstveröffentlichung 19.08.2022
Format CD
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Twenty years ago we got turned on to Largo, this incredible venue in Los Angeles where a community of immensely talented musicians and comedians would play and watch each other’s shows. We were inspired by the artistic cross-pollination and spontaneous life that sprang out of that place and our whole idea of songwriting and artistry shifted. Flanagan, who runs Largo, invited us to do our own monthly show there saying, “It’ll be great, you can call it Watkins Family Hour and play old covers, try out new songs you’re working on and have guests join you.” And that’s what we did.

This record celebrates two decades of Watkins Family Hour with songs that have been with us since the beginning and songs that have recently reached us. Similarly, we are joined by musicians, some of whom we met in the early days, and some more recently; musical heroes and friends who have come to be family. Among them are Tyler Chester and David Boucher who produced this album with us. Their contributions brought out a unique life in these songs. A life that embodies the spirit of musical collaboration crossing generations and genres. It’s what drew us to Largo in the first place, and it’s what continues to inspire us to this day.

1. The Way I Feel Inside<
>2. Hypnotized<
>3. Pitseleh<
>4. Thanks a Lot<
>5. The Late Show<
>6. Tennessee Waltz<
>7. She Left Me Standing On the Mountain<
>8. We Were Meant To Be Together<
>9. On the Outside<
>10. (Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You<
>11. Grief and Praise