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Alowan - Feathers

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Label Glitterhouse Records
Erstveröffentlichung 19.04.2024
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
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Das erste offizielle Album von Jean Yves Tola nach der Auflösung von 16 Horsepower im Jahr 2005. Als Gastmusiker:innen treten Chantal Acda, Calvin Dover (Dover Brothers), Steve Taylor (ex-16 Horsepower), Theo Hakola (Orchestre Rouge, Passion Fodder) und Felix Alsruhe in Erscheinung.

ALÓWAN zeigt eine Seite aus dem 16 Horsepower-Kosmos, die bisher so noch nicht zu hören war. Als Gründungsmitglied der Alternative Country Legende aus Denver, Colorado waren Tolas Arrangements, Ideen und sein Einfluss innerhalb der Band immer präsent. Jetzt kommt endlich seine ganz eigene musikalische Vision auf dem Debütalbum „Feathers zum Vorschein und zeigt seine Vielseitigkeit als Komponist, Produzent und Musiker. Tola präsentiert hier zehn wunderschöne dunkle Folk-Songs. “I was always very much involved in the creative process of all the bands I have been in. Even more so with 16 Horsepower, in the writing and arrangements process with David Eugene Edwards, but also in the production and recording of the albums. I was working closely from the first take to the mastering sessions with the producers and the engineers and ended up learning a lot and it has helped me tremendously for the realization of this project.”


„Feathers“ is the first official album from Jean Yves Tola since 16 Horsepower separated in 2005.

ALÓWA? is the side of 16 Horsepower that has not been heard before. As a founding member of the alternative country band from Denver, Colorado, Tolas arrangements, music and influence in the band was always clearly present through their career. This is a more personal and intimate vision. In collaborations with a few friends and musicians “Feathers” is a body of work to be reckoned with. Tola presents 10 beautiful and dark folk songs.

Chantal Acda, the main vocalist, will carry you to the clouds with her light but deep tones and poetic lyrics. ALÓWA? takes her to new territories and her talent shows. The Texan Calvin Dover (Dover Brothers) accompanies her on a couple of tracks making the duet irresistible. A few others join Tola in this project, such as Steve Taylor (former 16 Horsepower guitar player) and Theo Hakola of the famed Orchestre Rouge and Passion Fodder. With „Feathers“, Tola shows his versatility as a composer, a producer but also as a musician.

01. Let it Flow <
>02. Sirènes <
>03. Stand Still <
>04. Guitar Man  <
>05. Heaven and Hell  <
>06. Horsewind <
>07. Kevnidenn   <
>08. Bird's Eye - Opus 1  <
>09. Bird's Eye - Opus 2  <
>10. Bird's Eye - Opus 3 
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