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Various Artists - The Wanderer: A Tribute To Jackie Leven

Cover von The Wanderer: A Tribute To Jackie Leven
Various Artists
The Wanderer: A Tribute To Jackie Leven

Label Cooking Vinyl
Erstveröffentlichung 22.10.2021
Format 2-CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 14,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

22 specially recorded new tracks reimagining the brilliance of Jackie Leven, featuring big names and big fans including Eliza Carthy, Ralph McTell, Boo Hewerdine, Tom Robinson & Ian Rankin. Each artist has also contributed sleevenotes to the extensive booklet detailing their experiences of knowing and working with Jackie and why they wanted to contribute to this tribute album. Proceeds from this album will benefit the Westminster Drug Project (WDP) a charity that continues the work of Jackie's own charity, The CORE Trust.

CD 1:<
>1. Ralph McTell & Graham Preskett: Sick Harbour Lament<
>2. Eliza Carthy with David DeLarre: The Garden<
>3. Jeb Loy Nichols: The Working Man's Love Song<
>4. Boo Hewerdine: A Little Voice In Space<
>5. Michael Weston King: The Final Reel<
>6. Kathryn Williams: The Crazy Song<
>7. Arksong: Honeymoon Hill<
>8. James Yorkston: Empty Square In Soho<
>9. Lou Dalgleish: One Long Cold Morning<
>10. Ian Rankin with Dean Owens: Edinburgh Winter Blues<
>11. Deborah Greenwood: Universal Blue<
>CD 2: <
>1. Andy White feat. Stefan Hannigan: Standing In Another Man's Rain<
>2. Dog House Roses: Elegy for Johnny Cash<
>3. Johnny Dowd: Farm Boy<
>4. Tom Robinson: Classic Northern Diversions<
>5. Rab Noakes: Poortoun<
>6. Henry Priestman: Paris Blues<
>7. Jinder: Main Travelled Roads<
>8. Levi Henriksen & Babylon Badlands: Just Like Jackie Leven<
>9. Mike Cosgrave: The View From Shit Creek<
>10.Liam Carson with Knut Buen: I Weep<
>11. The Membranes: More Than Human
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