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Sam Prekop & John McEntire - Sons Of

Cover von Sons Of
Sam Prekop & John McEntire
Sons Of

Label Thrill Jockey
Erstveröffentlichung 23.06.2023
Format 2-LP
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
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Sam Prekop and John McEntire are two artists who both together and as individuals, have expanded the definition of rock. Beyond the work they did together in seminal The Sea and Cake they"ve both have continued to push themselves and the bounds of their art in countless other ways. Each is now esteemed for their singular musical voice and sonic innovations. Prekop has garnered acclaim for his solo releases in ensemble or on modular synthesis, as well as his visual art and photography. While McEntire has become one of the most celebrated engineers, composers, and drummers in forward-thinking music. With nearly three decades of experience working together in larger groups, this is their first full-length collaboration as a duo. Sons Of finds two master craftsmen working at the nexus of pristine production and skillful improvisation, forging compelling narrative arcs into glistening metropolises of infinite pulse, something they"d wanted to do for a long while it was a natural fit for two artists both drawn to incorporating electronic music into rock and jazz contexts. The resulting epic contains multitudes, from head-nodding throb to springy glitches and moments of euphoric bliss, by concentrating their considerable skills as both creators and curators, the duo have crafted an album abundantly vibrant, an intoxicating exploration of pure inspiration and intuition. Prekop and McEntire"s Sons Of is a thrillingly diverse journey and a masterclass in longform music that reveals nuance at each listen, as sonically curious as it is inviting. Unique textures and untapped worlds of possibility are unearthed by an elaborate array of synthesizer modules, samplers, trigger pads and effects which the duo skillfully implement as potent tools. Over the album"s four pieces Prekop and McEntire apply their intrinsic and practiced understandings of pop architectures to create dynamic movements. The resulting sound is one of transformative fluidity; each passing beat marking a sense of familiarity while the surrounding atmospheres are in constant flux. Ever-shifting tonalities and magnetic grooves propel the music with persistent momentum without feeling hurried buoyed by the steady pace, creating the framework that allows space for new sounds to breathe and evolve. Throughout the album, the duo exudes a spontaneous ease, unafraid to settle into a particular cadence or veer into entirely new directions on a dime.

1. A Ghost At Noon<
>2. Crossing At The Shallow<
>3. A Yellow Robe (Part 1)<
>4. A Yellow Robe (Part 2)<
>5. A Drink At The Banquet<
>6. Ascending By Night