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Silver Jews - The Natural Bridge

Cover von The Natural Bridge
Silver Jews
The Natural Bridge

Label Drag City
Erstveröffentlichung 30.07.2009
Format LP
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 25,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

96er Follow-up zum 94er Starlite Walker Album. Erinnert stark an Lambchop ohne Bläser und Streicher, denn stimmlich liegt David Berman zwischen Leonard Cohen und Kurt Wagner. Auch die Songs erinnern mit den Folk- und Countryanleihen an Lambchop, sowohl in der musikalischen Intensität als auch in den wortreichen, abgefahrenen Texten.


„The Natural Bridge, the first Pavement-member-free Silver Jews record, finds songwriter David Berman backed by a group including members of Plush and New Radiant Storm King. Berman is a sure-handed poet/lyricist and a decidedly unslick singer - imagine if Leonard Cohen had a propensity toward the ""leaping poetry"" of Neruda. These songs are ruffled by the winds of travel and American history (`Albemarle Station"" goes from a ""split-level ranch"" to a ""drive-in with ivy growing over the screen""). Almost all of their lyrics have some organizing principle, though few of them are straightforward descriptions or narratives. ""Ballad Of Reverend War Character"" is a catalog of losers and hopeless situations; ""How To Rent A Room"" suggests a note from somebody who's vanished or dead. Logocentric though they are, the Silver Jews pay attention to their (melancholic, gentle, often piano-based) music as well, so the point of including a splendid instrumental cunningly titled ""The Right To Remain Silent."" Stars with the country lament ""Black And Brown Blues"" or ""The Frontier Index,"" a series of jokes and meditations that features both a lovely, atmospheric noise solo and the immortal lyric `A robot walks into a bar/orders a drink/lays down a bill/The bartender says, `Hey we don't serve robots/and the robot says, `Oh but someday you will.´“ (CMJ)

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