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William Shatner / The Cramps - Garbage Man (Neon Yellow Vinyl, Split EP)

Cover von Garbage Man (Neon Yellow Vinyl, Split EP)
William Shatner / The Cramps
Garbage Man (Neon Yellow Vinyl, Split EP)

Label Demented Punk
Erstveröffentlichung 01.10.2021
Format LP
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Pop-culture icon William Shatner's (e.g. Star Trek's Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal, "The Transformed Man", "Common People", "Seeking Major Tom"...) mind-blowing cover of the punk classic, paired with the 1980 original by The Cramps plus extra tracks. This special limited edition 5-track split maxi-single (ex-eclusive RSD/BlackFRiday item) pairs pop-culture icon William Shatner's mind-blowing interpretation of The Cramps punk classic "Garbageman" (a cover that Rolling Stone hailed as a "growling and expertly melodramatic version"), teamed with the original 1980 recording that inspired it--performed by the legendary Cramps themselves and produced by Alex Chilton!

Shatner's "Garbageman" (produced by Osaka Popstar's John Cafiero) is the second single from the #1 Billboard charting album "Dr. Demento Covered in Punk". Pressed on 12-inch neon yellow vinyl, with bonus tracks by both artists (e.g. a-capella version of Shatner's performance), and exclusive unreleased content unavailable anywhere else! Taking it a step further, Demented Punk commemorates the culture-clash with amazing new front cover art by Cramps illustrator Stephen Blickenstaff. Created in homage to his original 1980s "Bad Music for Bad People" cover illustration (shown on the back of this release), the new piece beams in the likeness of the legendary Shatner in place of the late great Cramps front man Lux Interior. Must be seen AND heard to be believed...

1. William Shatner - GARBAGEMAN<
>2. William Shatner - GARBAGEMAN (A-CAPELLA)<
>3. William Shatner - GARBAGEMAN (INSTRUMENTAL)<
>4. The Cramps - GARBAGEMAN<
>5. The Cramps - HUMAN FLY