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Los Teddy's - Doce Psicoexitos

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Los Teddy's
Doce Psicoexitos

Label Munster
Erstveröffentlichung 21.05.2021
Format LP
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Natives of the Peruvian Amazon region of Iquitos, Los Teddy's recorded for their only LP a combination of the current chart-hits and their own songs, with that raw and psychedelic sound so common in late 60s Peru. It includes the version of The Doors' 'Hello I Love You' as well as the lysergic original 'Effects'. DETAILS: Los Teddy's were natives of the Peruvian Amazon region of Iquitos. The band was created in 1966 and started to play the early-afternoon slots at Lima's venues, along with a bunch of other bands from Peru's capital city. Tony Marin, frontman of the band, was soon nicknamed "the barefoot singer" following his habit of not wearing shoes at any of their gigs. The other members were Willy Angulo (guitar), Markov Rios (guitar), Pepe Castro (drums) and Carlos Denegri (bass). After a few years being one of the most solid groups in the Lima's scene, MAG signed them to record an LP that was finally released in 1968. As in many other similar albums recorded at that time by Latinamerican bands, the tracklist contains covers of international chart-hits of the year, including songs by The Rolling Stones or The Doors (an outstanding take on 'Hello I Love You' with Spanish lyrics and raw fuzz guitars_). The lysergic original 'Efectos (Effects)' is also one of the strongest tracks of the album, proving there was much more than just standard covers in this band's repertoire. "Doce Psicoéxitos" remains as the only album ever released by Los Teddy's and an essential addition to any collection of raw guitar sounds from late '60s Peru, a fascinating scene that is currently being rediscovered by so many garage/beat fans from around the world.