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Undertones: Hard To Beat (The Masters Collection) - Hilfe

Undertones - Hard To Beat (The Masters Collection)

Cover von Hard To Beat (The Masters Collection)
Hard To Beat (The Masters Collection)

Label BMG Rights
Erstveröffentlichung 27.07.2018
Format 2-CD
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 7,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Auf den Pop-Punk-Punkt gebrachte Compilation mit 28 Songs der Iren um die markante Stimme von Feargal Sharkey, incl. u.a. Teenage Kicks, Jimmy Jimmy, Here Comes The Summer, My Perfect Cousin und Wednesday Week.

CD 1<
>1. Teenage Kicks<
>2. Jimmy Jimmy<
>3. My Perfect Cousin<
>4. Tearproof<
>5. It's Going To Happen!<
>6. Listening In<
>7. Hypnotised<
>8. Chain Of Love<
>9. Billy's Third<
>10. Girls That Don't Talk<
>11. Wednesday Week<
>12. Male Model<
>13. True Confessions<
>14. Bittersweet<
>CD 2<
>1. Here Comes The Summer<
>2. Get Over You<
>3. You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It!)<
>4. (She's A) Runaround<
>5. When Saturday Comes<
>6. Luxury<
>7. Family Entertainment<
>8. You're Welcome<
>9. Got To Have You Back<
>10. Julie Ocean<
>11. Jump Boys<
>12. Kiss In The Dark<
>13. Mars Bars<
>14. I Know A Girl
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