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Various Artists - In Fuzz We Trust: 60's Garage- & Psyche-Legends Salute The Fuzztones

Cover von In Fuzz We Trust: 60's Garage- & Psyche-Legends Salute The Fuzztones
Various Artists
In Fuzz We Trust: 60's Garage- & Psyche-Legends Salute The Fuzztones

Label Stag-O-Lee
Erstveröffentlichung 01.09.2013
Format 2-LP
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 12,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Endlich! Rudi Protrudi’s Traum wird Vinyl und CD! Über zehn Jahre lang hat der Fuzztones Frontmann seine Sixties-Helden gebeten einen Fuzztones Song aufzunehmen und fast alle haben es getan. Nun hat Stag-O-Lee die Ehre dieses fabulöse Monument zu veröffentlichen! Und die Liste der teilnehmenden Bands und Musiker lässt jeden Garage-Punk-Fan erblassen: Pretty Things, Monks, Davie Allen &?The Arrows, Gonn, Shadows of Knight, Electric Prunes, The Shy Guys, Sky Saxon, ? & The Mysterians, The Tropics, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Vanilla Fudge, Wallflowers (Pretty Things’ Wally Waller), The Vagrants sowie Gastauftritte von Arthur Lee, Sean Bonniwell, Plasticland, Dick Taylor, Zacherley und anderen. Man sollte aber bloß nicht denken, es würde sich hier um zahnloses Altherren-Gerocke handeln (der eine oder andere hat ja mittlerweile das Zeitliche gesegnet), nein, das hier ist heftiger Spitzen-Garage-Punk mit Biss und allem was man daran so liebt, gewürzt mit einigen Lysergsäure verseuchten Psych-Ausflügen. Jede der Bands bringt hier ihren eigenen Sound ein, seien es die wilden Shadows Of Knight, die ungezügelte Gitarre von Davie Allen oder die Monks (die klingen wie zu besten Monk Time Zeiten). Das ist ein Fest! Nur exklusive Songs! Kommt mit 18 Tracks und prall gefüllter Digipak-CD mit Booklet und auf 180 Gramm Doppelvinyl im dickpappigen Klappcover. In Fuzz We Trust!


In Fuzz We Trust is nothing short of the Greatest Tribute Album Ever Recorded. Nowhere in history have as many legendary performers appeared on one record, for the purpose of saluting another artist. In this case, the artist is the band that instigated the 80's Garage Revival that continues to this day - The Fuzztones. Preaching the Garage (and Psych) gospel since their inception in 1980, The Fuzztones influenced countless bands worldwide with their enigmatic image, high velocity performance and personalized interpretations. Fact is, even if The Fuzztones had never written a song in their long and illustrious career, they succeeded in accomplishing something much more important, even profound... they resurrected a music style that had only existed from (roughly) 1966 to 1967, and through relentless touring and recording, kept it alive for over 33 years. Initially, the band's mission was to introduce this long-lost music to the world, and did so by covering obscure classics, many by artists who appear on this album.
"When the Beatles and Stones started out, they covered a lot of Motown and blues stuff, in an attempt to turn people on to it," points out head Fuzztone, Rudi Protrudi, "and that's what we wanted to do as well." The music they chose to cover was so obscure that most of their audience assumed they were originals, and the band could easily have kept it that way. Instead, Rudi joined forces with Germany's Music Maniac label and released the album, "Songs We Taught The Fuzztones," a collection of original versions of songs made famous by The Fuzztones. This record, released in 1993, turned Fuzztones fans on to the original artists, hence beginning the "purist" movement that eventually spawned the emergence of reunited 60's Garage and Psych legends, as well as events such as Cavestomp, which brought them and their newfound fan base together. But The Fuzztones are much more than a cover band. Their original material bears their own distinctive sound - which owes as much to Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, the Stooges and the Doors, as to the 60's Garage and Psych they obviously adore. When you hear The Fuzztones, there's no mistaking them for someone else.
This album is the last of a three-part trilogy of Fuzztones tribute albums that began with "Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn 1" and it's successor, "2." Both double CD collections featured bands from all around the world, paying homage to the band that inspired them. Now we come full circle with a collection of Fuzztones classics, covered by the legendary bands that inspired The Fuzztones!

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