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Various Artists - Last Shall Be First: Vol 1

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Various Artists
Last Shall Be First: Vol 1

Label Bible & Tire Recording Co.
Erstveröffentlichung 18.09.2020
Format LP
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The JCR Records Story. Compilation Album voll mit großartigen, groovenden Gospel tracks, produziert in Memphis, TN in den frühen 70ern. Eigenständiger Memphis Soul, -Funk, -Blues,
ein Schatz, gehoben durch ein paar Zufälle und glückliche Umstände vom Musikhistoriker Michael Hurtt zusammen mit dem Original Produzenten, damaligem Labelmanager und Radio-DJ Juan D. Shipp. Und veröffentlicht auf dem Bruce Watson's Fat Possum sister Label Bible & Tire aus Memphis.

Shipps Produktionen besaßen einen ganz eigenen Sound und Stil; eine Kombination aus unverwechselbar tiefen und schönen Gesangsharmonien, wuseligen Gitarren, groovenden Bässen, explosiven Drums und diesem allgegenwärtigen Mitschwingen von Rhythm and Blues und Country and Western, das man auch von Stax Records kennt.

Mit linernotes von Michael Hurtt.


Memphis, Tennessee 1972:
Seated behind a primitive mixing board in a tiny Quonset hut at 64 Flicker Street, just a stones’ throw from the Illinois Central railroad tracks, Pastor Juan D. Shipp crackles over the AM airwaves with an electrifying array of the latest and greatest in gospel quartet sounds. With an audience that spans the width and breadth of the Bluff City, from truck cabs to taxi stands, from Mid-Town to Orange Mound, from the Peabody Hotel to Payne’s Barbecue, if you’re a fan of Memphis’s thriving gospel scene, you’re locked into “Juan D” at K-WAM, “the Mighty 990,” the very station that — twenty years earlier, during its first incarnation as KWEM across the river in West Memphis, Arkansas — had first brought blues wizard Howlin’ Wolf to the ears of recording engineer Sam Phillips. Now, two decades later, having revolutionized the music world with Sun Records and its holy trinity of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash, the Wolf still remained Phillips’ favorite. “This is where the soul of man never dies,” he’d memorably declared of the six-foot-six gravel-voiced force of nature, a description that could just as easily be applied to so many of the artists whose records Shipp is now spinning over the air.

1. Keep On Pushing<
>2. Father Guide Me, Teach Me<
>3. You Can't Hurry God<
>4. Call On Him<
>5. Every Knee Must Bow<
>6. Just Over The Hill<
>7. I Want To Move A Little Higher<
>8. What A Meeting<
>9. Someone Who Cares<
>10. You Can't Hurry God<
>11. In The Last Day<
>12. God's Got His Eyes On You<
>13. Sitting Down<
>14. Rock My Soul<
>15. Too Late Too Late<
>16. Where Are You Going To Run<
>17. Sinner Man (What You Gonna Do)
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