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Robin Trower - Living Out Of Time (rem., 180gr Vinyl)

Cover von Living Out Of Time (rem., 180gr Vinyl)
Robin Trower
Living Out Of Time (rem., 180gr Vinyl)

Label Repertoire
Erstveröffentlichung 11.05.2020
Format LP
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2003 release from the legendary guitarist who started his career with the Paramounts and Procol Harum, before becoming one of the Seventies’ biggest US stadium draws. He still plays live today.
His nineteenth album was originally released on the independent Manhatan label in the US and was a reunion with vocalist Davey Pattison. It also featured Dave Bronze (ex-Eric Clapton) on bass and Pete Thompson on drums, a rhythm section he used for many years earlier.
Robin Trower wrote some songs for young blues guitarist Eric Gales who supported him on and American tour. They never actually recorded together, but songs thus inspired formed the basis for this album.
Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes written by respected writer Michael Heatley, who has interviewed Robin several times for ‘Classic Rock’ and ‘Guitar & Bass’.

01. What’s Your Name<
>02. Step Into The Sun<
>03. Another Time, Another Place<
>04. Sweet Angel<
>05. Please Tell Me<
>06. One Less Victory<
>07. Ain’t Gonna Wait<
>08. Living Out Of Time<
>09. The Past United<
>10. You Still Came Back<
>11. I Want To Take You With Me
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