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Various Artists - Hells Bells: Swing Candies For Dooms Day

Cover von Hells Bells: Swing Candies For Dooms Day
Various Artists
Hells Bells: Swing Candies For Dooms Day

Label Stag-O-Lee
Erstveröffentlichung 12.10.2018
Format 10"
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 13,00 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Das Zusammentreffen mit dem Mooche war eher ein Zufall. Er war verantwortlich für das Artwork für Little Victor's Deluxe Lo-Fi LP (just erschienen auf Stag-O-Lee). Aber wir kamen schnell ins Schwätzen und es stellte sich heraus, dass The Mooche Musiker ist, Tanzlehrer für  Lindy Hop, Shag und Balboa war und seit 40 Jahren Schellacks sammelt. Schnell war die Idee für eine Compilation mit Tracks aus den 20er bis 40er Jahren mit einer losen Halloween-Spooky-Guideline geboren.
The Mooche in den Linernotes:
 It was so much fun digging through tons of old 78 rpm records, recording lots of material and listening to them over and over again, kicking out, taking in, discovering stuff that was unheard over the last years and seemed sleeping til dawn. - Then came the artwork and we wanted to do something special here as well, so we have taken an old Vocalion shellac sleeve from the 30s as a base for our own needs, trying to preserve the feel of old records from about eight decades ago. I am sure, it is a nice anachronism in a time, where it is possible, simply pressing a button on the telephone makes you hear whatever you like, almost everything and everywhere. - I hope, there will be still lots of black holes in the world wide web in future.  
The original records on this disc are from my personal collection that has grown now for about 40 years. Hence the sound cannot be perfect state of the art, but we tried our best to preserve these mighty fine tunes for the future. So enjoy and I hope, you'll love them and play them over and over and ... cry for more.

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