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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Blues At Sunrise - Hilfe

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Blues At Sunrise

Cover von Blues At Sunrise
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Blues At Sunrise

Label Music On CD
Erstveröffentlichung 21.02.2020
Format CD
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 10,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

2000er Compilation aus dem Nachlass des Blues-Giganten. Über 70 Minuten mit Slow Blues aus seinen Studioalben, sowie anderer Herkunft. So z.B. „Blues At Sunrise“ von der „In Session“ CD mit Albert King, die „Live At The El Macambo“-Video-Version von „Texas Flood“, das zuvor unveröffentlichte „The Sky Is Crying“ von den „Couldn´t Stand The Weather“ Sessions und das ebenso erstmals erhältliche „Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town)“, als Liveversion im Duett mit Johnny Copeland..


„Stevie Ray Vaughan could play the blues. Unfortunately, just like Jimi Hendrix, an artist to whom he was often compared and who also died relatively early into his career, it seems that the Austin guitaristþs music is due for constant compiling and recompiling.
The concept of Blues at Sunrise is to display Vaughanþs proficiency at blues played slow and with a feeling. Following last yearþs catalog "restoration project," however, which saw the reissue of Vaughanþs four studio albums complete with bonus tracks, as well as a second Greatest Hits package, this collection seems redundant. Of the discþs 10 tracks, only two are previously unavailable in any form. One is a nice jam with Johnny Copeland on "Tin Pan Alley," recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1985. The other, an outtake from the Couldnþt Stand the Weather sessions, is a version of "The Sky Is Crying" with a solo so tasty itþs curious that it had never been available before. The two other curiosities are a simmering live version of "Texas Flood," previously available on the Live at the El Mocombo video, and the track that gives this collection its title, a stellar 15-minute workout with Albert King, found on last yearþs In Session on the Stax label.
While the concept of Blues at Sunrise is appealing and the music is top-notch, any novice SRV fans would be better served approaching his music from one of his original releases. For experienced fans, though, this collection does not have enoughgoing for it to merit a true recommendation.“ (Austin Chronicle)

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