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Aeon Station - Observatory

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Aeon Station

Label Sub Pop
Erstveröffentlichung 10.12.2021
Format LP
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Aeon Station Bandleader Kevin Whelan war Mitbegründer und einer der wichtigsten Songschreiber der Indie-Rock-Legenden The Wrens aus New Jersey. Das bahnbrechende Album "The Meadowlands" von The Wrens aus dem Jahr 2003 erhielt eine 9,5 Pitchfork-Bewertung und schaffte es auf die Liste der Alben des Jahres von Pitchfork. Seit diesem Album warten Fans und Presse sehnsüchtig auf neues Material von den Mitgliedern der Wrens. Observatory von Aeon Station wird diesen hohen Erwartungen gerecht. Ein episches Statement, an dem mehr als ein Jahrzehnt gearbeitet wurde, mit zeitlosen Melodien und überwältigendem Songwriting. Whelans musikalische Vision auf "Observatory" erinnert an die nachdenkliche Weisheit von Bruce Springsteen, an die gewaltigen Hymnen von Broken Social Scene und an die eigene, pulsierende und lebensfrohe Auffassung von Rockmusik wie bei The Wrens.


Band leader Kevin Whelan co-founded and was a key songwriter for New Jersey indie-rock legends The Wrens. The Wrens' landmark 2003 album The Meadowlands received a 9.5 Pitchfork review and made Pitchfork's Albums of the Year list. Since that album, fans and press have been eagerly awaiting new material from The Wrens members. The Wrens have 20k monthly listeners and 16k followers on Spotify. Aeon Station's Observatory is an epic statement more than a decade in the making, with miles of timeless melodies and the kind of overpowering songwriting that will reaffirm your belief in life itself. Whelan's scope of musical vision on Observatory is wide open and free with possibilities-at once recalling the reflective wisdom of Bruce Springsteen, Broken Social Scene's huge anthemic burn, and the Wrens' own pulsing-with-life take on rock music. Above all, this is music not only for dreamers but for those who realize and appreciate the enormity of every moment. "It's about never letting go about those dreams and your passion," he states. "The album starts from a place of realizing that everything is temporary, what we love eventually changes or leaves us, and regardless we continue to search and find our way back home." If you've ever caught air in your lungs or felt your heart beating in your chest, there's no doubt that you'll find some level of connection with Observatory's open-hearted, instantly classic-sounding rock.

>3. FADE<
>5. MOVE<
>8. AIR<
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