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Trans Am - Red Line

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Trans Am
Red Line

Label Thrill Jockey
Erstveröffentlichung 04.06.2004
Format LP
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 21,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

CD auf Thrill Jockey. 2000er Werk.
„Waren Trans Am aus Washington bislang immer zwischen furztrockener Elektronik und versonnenem Hardcore-Strukturalismus, den beiden Polen des Post Rock, hin und her gerissen, haben sie sich jetzt auf die Mitte festgelegt. Die auf dem Album beschworene neue rote Linie führt zurück zu Gruppen wir Test Department, Laibach und Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft. Über treibenden Snythie- und Rhythmus-Teppichen werden mit teuflischer Präzision deutsche und englische Wortfetzen aneinander gereiht. Je absurder, desto besser. Wie auf der Hatz wird der Hörer von elektrischem Psycho-Dada vor der Band hergetrieben. Die 21 Stücke sind kurz, kaum mehr als Torsi. Dabei schlagen Trans Am Haken, kommen stets aus unvermuteter Richtung. `Red Line´ ist das bislang strengste und dichteste Album der Band, zugleich aber auch das provokanteste.“ (TIP Berlin)


“Trans Am has always maintained a dichotomy between icy synth experimentation and simultaneously retro/futuristic rock workouts. `Red Line´, continues in the same vein - cosmic electronic soundscapes fused with þ70s arena rock and early-þ80s new wave. The band touches on numerous styles, from synth pop to pure percussion to songs comprised of electronic blips, but the band uses the human voice more than it has in the past. "I Want It All" features vocoder-enhanced vocals, creating a bridge between Trans Amþs rock and electronic sensibilities. Using electronics to the opposite effect is "Polizei (Zu Spat)," which employs an electronically enhanced voice played off of breathless, desperate-sounding, unfiltered vocals to create a feeling of real tension and dread. "Play In The Summer" is the most straight-ahead rock song on the record and could - in another era - be an album-rock crossover hit.” (CMJ)
„Trans Amþs four previous studio releases werenþt concept albums per se, although themes from man vs. machine, the future, and the governmentþs ever-watchful eye cropped up more than once. But with music than ran the gamut from balls-out guitar instrumentals to Euro-style, Vocoder-aided synth twiddling, the sets often smeared the line between ironic gesturing and sincere allegiance to some very un-indie rock influences (Rush, ZZ Top).
The distinction isnþt much more in focus on "Red Line," a 21-song, 73-minute epic of an album that finds the band proudly wearing its prog-rock colors on its sleeve. Indeed, the usually quick-working Baltimore-based trio spent more than a year-and-a-half on the album, exploring any musical avenue that struck its membersþ fancy and incorporating more vocals (and real singing) into the brew than ever before.
Luckily, Trans Amþs ability to not take itself too seriously (sample song titles: "Where Do You Want To Fuck Today?" and "Village In Bubbles") helps to balance the collective sonic overdrive of the whole project, from the menacing "Polizei (Zu Spat)", the old school, FM radio rawk of "Play In The Summer," and the spectacular, nine-minute suite "The Dark Gift," perhaps the most loving psychedelic rock homage the band has yet penned.
The electronic-heavy tracks, particularly the Tortoise-tinged "Lunar Landing" and the click-fest "Talk You All Tight" are just as strong, coiling vintage synths licks around exceedingly creative beat programming. In all, "Red Line" is Trans Amþs most ambitious and satisfying work to date, lassoing all of its many sonic inspirations into one hell of a sizzling rock extravaganza.” (The Onion)

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