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Humble Pie - The Atlanta Years

Cover von The Atlanta Years
Humble Pie
The Atlanta Years

Label Store For Music
Erstveröffentlichung 09.04.2021
Format 2-CD
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Known by many as the lost years as Steve Marriott disappeared from the public eye after the demise of Humble pie Mk II. He then assembled a third version, recording tracks for a new album down in the Atlanta area. This 2 CD collection presents 9 tracks for that album, recorded in Pyramid Eye Studios Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1982. The 2nd CD is a live concert of the band in Cincinnati in '83, featuring some later material mixed in with classic Pie tracks "I Don't Need No Doctor"and "Hallelujah I Love Her So". The new stuff is good, and the live CD is an excellent reminder of how good Marriott was. This is a fascinating period in the life of Steve Marriott as so little is known about it . The shows were fierce and tight, the studio songs were strong, the lifestyle was far far from normal.

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