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Dommengang - No Keys (lim. ed. Orange Vinyl, gatefold)

Cover von No Keys (lim. ed. Orange Vinyl, gatefold)
No Keys (lim. ed. Orange Vinyl, gatefold)

Label Thrill Jockey
Erstveröffentlichung 17.05.2019
Format LP+DLC
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
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On No Keys, Dommengang channel the wailing, psych-rock abandon of their previous work into a lean, dark-edged record colored by loss. Guitarist Dan "Sig" Wilson, bassist Brian Markham, and drummer Adam Bulgasem have grown closer even as they live further apart. Shared personal loss and experience playing and touring has made time together both an escape, and a release. No Keys was recorded with guitarist and engineer Tim Green (Joanna Newsom, Howlin' Rain, Sleepy Sun, Fresh and Onlys, Golden Void) a close friend of the band. Dommengang captures their spontaneous energy by recording live with minimal overdubs. Skittering reverb lends Sig's guitar solos a cosmic quality, while rippling distortion add depth and weight to Markham and Bulgasem's hypnotic grooves. Guest vocals from Camilla Saufly-Mitchell of Golden Void on "Jerusalem Cricket" add a perfect counterpoint to Markham's cries of "No Keys", while Adam Parks added buzzing organ overtones to album closer "Happy Death (Her Blues II)". No Keys finds rock's primeval power alive and well and answers its call. It is a soundtrack to a personal journey or to your next road trip. It speaks to the explorer, and to the abandon of those willing to go all in. It is for the rocker giving it all, living out of a van, without a key to a permanent home.

1. Sunny Day Flooding<
>2. Earth Blues<
>3. Wild Wash<
>4. Stir The Sea<
>5. Blues Rot<
>6. Kudzu<
>7. Arcularius - Burke<
>8. Jerusalem Cricket<
>9. Happy Death (Her Blues II)