Allman Brothers Band: Oakland, CA 5/12/09 - Hilfe

Allman Brothers Band - Oakland, CA 5/12/09

Cover von Oakland, CA 5/12/09
Allman Brothers Band
Oakland, CA 5/12/09

Label Hittin' The Note
Erstveröffentlichung 01.02.2010
Format 3CD
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After over a month off since the Beacon run, the ABB hit the ground running at this show and never looked back! There is no rust at all on this well-oiled machine as they tear through a fantastic setlist at Oaklandžs newly renovated Fox Theater.
First set highlights included a scorching "Walk On Gilded Splinters" and an extended jam on "Whožs Been Talking," but the buzz at setbreak was about the magnificent version of "Jessica" that closed the set, with one fan describing it after the show as "religious." Warren and Derek were locked in, playing wonderful harmony lines and complimenting each otheržs solos beautifully. Gregg was in fine voice throughout the first set on songs like "Trouble No More" and "Statesboro Blues" and as we saw at the Beacon, he is sounding better than ever!
After opening with a tender version of "Melissa" with Gregg on acoustic guitar, the rest of the second set was a jamathon of epic proportions. The new arrangement of "Rocking Horse" continues to grow and evolve, and this version of "Dreams" has Derek reaching for the stars. Blockbuster versions of "Black Hearted Woman" and "Mountain Jam" left the crowd in awe, and a rare two-song encore of "Preachinž Blues" and "One Way Out" put an exclamation point on the night.
It may have been a while since the ABB made it to the West Coast, but it was worth the wait for a show like this!

Disc One
1. Stage Noise (3:39)
2. Donžt Want You No More (2:41)
3. Itžs Not My Cross To Bear (5:13)
4. Trouble No More (3:48)
5. I Walk On Gilded Splinters (6:26)
6. Whožs Been Talking (10:32)
7. Statesboro Blues (5:51)
8. Donžt Keep Me Wonderinž (5:40)
9. And It Stoned Me (5:33)
10. Jessica (16:44)
Disc Two
1. Stage Banter (1:34)
2. Melissa (5:51)
3. Ainžt Wastinž Time No More (7:59)
4. Rocking Horse (16:58)
5. Dreams (10:40)
Disc Three
1. Black Hearted Woman (10:23)
2. Mountain Jam (10:46)
3. JaMaBuBu (11:41)
4. Mountain Jam - reprise (7:44)
5. Crowd Noise (2:15)
6. Preachinž Blues (5:53)
7. One Way Out (5:21)
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