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Whigs - Give Em All A Big Fat Lip

Cover von Give Em All A Big Fat Lip
Give Em All A Big Fat Lip

Label Ato
Erstveröffentlichung 01.02.2008
Format CD
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Debut album by the "baby-faced" trio from Athens, Georgia (cut more than a year ago while the group members were still students at the University of Georgia). It evokes the neo-roots-rock vibe of My Morning Jacket, the cool minimalism of the Strokes and the perfectly constructed pop of the early Sixties. "Can't Hear You Coming" features a four-piece horn section, nonsensical lyrics and enough punk-rock energy to tear through the song in barely two minutes. The creepy album closer, "All My Banks," slithers over seven minutes with the help of a marauding circus organ and a lone trombone. This is one Whig party that's built to last.