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Sonic Youth - Murray Street (180gr)

Cover von Murray Street (180gr)
Sonic Youth
Murray Street (180gr)

Label Geffen
Erstveröffentlichung 01.07.2002
Format LP
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 19,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Wiederveröffentlichung ihres 2002er Albums. Mit Jim O´Rourke als festem Mitglied.


"Murray Street, their second collaboration with Jim O'Rourke (and their first with him as a full member of the group), not only recalls their past glories but explores new territory. Freed from the trendy agendas that marred A Thousand Leaves and NYC Ghosts & Flowers, the group revisits the complex, transcendent guitar epics that made them underground rock heroes in the first place. But Murray Street doesn't just rehash the sound of their late-'80s heyday, either; for the most part, epics like the '60s-tinged "The Empty Page" and "Rain on Tin" -- which sounds a bit like a rural cousin to Television's "Marquee Moon" -- are built on surprisingly clean, crisp guitar tones that only explode into occasional noise-storms....Murray Street reaffirms that at the group's best, Sonic Youth manages to sound fresh and timeless all at once." - allmusic / Heather Phares

1. The Empty Page<
>2. Disconnection Notice<
>3. Karen Revisited<
>4. Rain On Tin<
>5. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style<
>6. Plastic Sun<
>7. Sympathy For The Strawberry
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