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Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks 2 - Hilfe

Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 2

Cover von Dick's Picks 2
Grateful Dead
Dick's Picks 2

Label Real Gone Music
Erstveröffentlichung 05.02.2016
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 8 Werktage
Preis 26,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Je zwei CDs von aufeinanderfolgenden Shows im Februar `73. Zum einen im Pershing Municipal Auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska und im Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. Das war die Zeit kurz vor der „Wake Of The Flood“ Veröffentlichung, also sind hier die Godchauxs in der Band und Pigpen „in spirit“, wie die Website schreibt.


1973 was, by widespread consent of the Deadhead community, one of the watershed years for the Grateful Dead as a performing band — a year in which the Dead created some of its most fearless, passionate and flat-out beautiful music. It is not surprising, then, that 1973 has already provided material for three of the most memorable entries in the Dick’s Picks series of treasures from the Grateful Dead Vault, or that the same great year has yielded up yet another winner for that series: welcome to Dick’s Picks, Volume 28, a four-CD set featuring the lion’s share of two sensational performances, from Lincoln, Nebraska and Salt Lake City, Utah, recorded in February, 1973
The previous 1973 Dick’s Picks titles all were taken from shows performed in the latter part of that year, following the release of Wake of The Flood, the Dead’s first album on their own record label. Volume 28, on the other hand, comes from very near the beginning of that year, hot on the heels of Europe ’72, when the band was just beginning to break in the great new material that would be recorded for Wake and its successor, Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel. Several of those songs are heard here and prove to be, even so early in their performance histories, mature and deeply satisfying works. This is especially evident in the two performances of “Eyes Of The World” included in the set — even though the song had received its public premiere little more than two weeks earlier, it was already well on its way to being one of the most satisfying vehicles for improvisation ever created by the Dead. Some of the more established cornerstones of the band’s repertoire are also well represented here, including lengthy and deeply exploratory versions of “Dark Star” and “Playing In The Band,” earthshaking renditions of “Truckin’” and “The Other One” and a breathtaking “Morning Dew.”
It’s all played with the high-wire daring and jazz-like telepathy that characterized the Dead’s performances throughout 1973, and as always, impeccably mastered from the original two-track source tapes.

Pershing Municipal Auditorium Lincoln, NE
Disc One
1. Promised Land (3:36) Berry
2. Loser (6:58) Hunter/Garcia
3. Jack Straw (5:17) Weir/Hunter
4. Donþt Ease Me In (4:01) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
5. Look Like Rain (7:24) Weir/Barlow
6. Loose Lucy (7:04) Hunter/Garcia
7. Beer Barrel Polka (1:07) Zeman, Vejvoda, Timm, Brown
8. Big Railroad Blues (4:00) Lewis, Arr. by Grateful Dead
9. Playing In The Band (17:23) Weir/Hart/Hunter
10. They Love Each Other (5:51) Hunter/Garcia
11. Big River (4:36) Cash
12. Tennessee Jed (8:03) Hunter/Garcia
Disc Two
1. Greatest Story Ever Told (5:26) Weir/Hart/Hunter
2. Dark Star (25:23) Garcia/Hart/Kreutzmann/Lesh/McKernan/Weir/Hunter
3. Eyes Of The World (19:09) Hunter/Garcia
4. Mississippi Half Step (8:00) Hunter/Garcia
5. Me and My Uncle (3:26) Phillips
6. Not Fade Away (6:34) Petty/Hardin
7. Goinþ Down The Road Feeling Bad (7:52) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
8. Not Fade Away (3:02) Petty/Hardin
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT
Disc Three
1. Cold Rain and Snow (6:30) Grateful Dead
2. Beat It On Down The Line (3:23) Fuller
3. They Love Each Other (5:54) Hunter/Garcia
4. Mexicali Blues (4:03) Weir/Barlow
5. Sugaree (8:03) Hunter/Garcia
6. Box of Rain (5:18) Lesh/Hunter
7. El Paso (4:42) Robbins
8. Heþs Gone (12:06) Hunter/Garcia
9. Jack Straw (4:48) Weir/Hunter
10. China Cat Sunflower (7:20) Hunter/Garcia
11. I Know You Rider (5:46) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
12. Big River (4:26) Cash
Disc Four
1. Row Jimmy (8:27) Garcia/Hunter
2. Truckinþ (12:02) Garcia/Lesh/Weir/Hunter
3. The Other One (15:07) Weir/Kreutzmann
4. Eyes Of The World (17:02) Hunter/Garcia
5. Morning Dew (12:40) Dobson/Rose
6. Sugar Magnolia (9:11) Weir/Hunter
7. We Bid You Goodnight (3:05) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
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