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Lisa O'Neill - Pothole In The Sky

Cover von Pothole In The Sky
Lisa O'Neill
Pothole In The Sky

Label Plateau
Erstveröffentlichung 16.02.2017
Format CD
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Wonderful, unique individual word-play that could only come from the pen of Lisa O'Neill, storytelling through song in its purest form. 'Pothole In The Sky' is her third album. O'Neill's voice goes to all sorts of places throughout the course of this album, and the music provided by Emma Smith, Seamus Fogarty, Joseph Doyle, and Mossy Nolan follows her like a dark swirling storm, often bringing to mind the loose impressionism of the Dirty Three.

1. Pothole In the Sky<
>2. Red Geansam<
>3. Planets<
>4. To Know About the Divil<
>5. Nasty<
>6. Seven Sisters<
>7. Gormlaith's Grieving<
>8. Black Sheep<
>9. The Banjo Spell<
>10. The Hunt<
>11. Red Geansam Instrumental
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