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Arlo McKinley - This Mess We're In

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Arlo McKinley
This Mess We're In

Label Oh Boy
Erstveröffentlichung 15.07.2022
Format CD
Lieferzeit 2 – 3 Wochen
Preis 14,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

22er des Singer-Songwriters aus Cincinatti, letztes Signing von John Prine für sein Oh Boy-Label, das dort erschienene Album vor 2 Jahren war schon exzellent. Seine Stimme ist pur Country, die Musik völlig organisch, alles greift ineinander, die Song-Qualität/der Gehalt der Stücke generell hoch, die starke Southern-Prägung nicht verschwunden, aber etwas verringert. Und wieder besticht die famose Band, wie zuvor u.a. mit Will Sexton, Rick Steff (Lucero-Member, Willy DeVille, John Prine u.v.a.), Ken Coomer (Uncle Tupelo, Wilco etc.). Viel viel Emotion ist zu hören, im Gesang natürlich, manchmal auch in der Dringlichkeit der Musik, in den Texten sowieso. Ein Amalgam aus Songwriter-Country und Americana beherrscht diverse Stücke, in relaxtem großteils akustischem Sound wie in beständigem Fluß (eher elektrisch), rootsunterfütterter 70s-Rock (teils kraftvoll, teils zurückhaltender mit einer Prise The Band) taucht zweimal auf, eine besondere Vorliebe jedoch hat er für Balladen, auch die irgendwo zwischen rootsig, Country und Americana, ob ordentlich süffig, melancholisch oder leicht abgedunkelt und sehr behutsam (ein bischen elegisch), gern mit viel Tiefe. Sehr schönes Album. (detlev von duhn)


In 2019, Arlo McKinley played a show at the High Watt in Nashville. While he had years of such gigs on the DIY singer-songwriter circuit behind him, this night was different. In the audience was one of his musical heroes, John Prine. When they met briefly beforehand, Prine, who never gave praise lightly, told Arlo he was a fan.

McKinley recalls, “Just that moment, if that's where it ended, it would've been one of the coolest things that ever happened to me, something I remembered forever.”
But it didn't end there. Shortly after, he was signed to Oh Boy Records, Prine's indie label. Arlo came into 2020 with the momentum of a new album on deck - his first with a producer and a street team - and an international tour booked. Then things took a strange turn for the world..

As McKinley visualizes the year ahead, he's optimistic that touring will be easier , and that he'll get to play Europe for the first time this summer. When asked what he hopes listeners will get from This Mess We're In, he says, “I hope they can identify with things they're too ashamed to talk about or feel. There's such a stigma that goes along with things like addiction and mental health. I just want them to know that I go through all of that stuff too. I would just like to make them feel a little less alone. At least for the 47 minutes of the album, you can remove yourself from the world and just let everything disappear for a bit.”

1. I Don't Mind<
>2. City Lights<
>3. Back Home<
>4. Stealing Dark From the Night Sky<
>5. To Die For<
>6. Dancing Days<
>7. This Mess We're In<
>8. Rushintherug<
>9. I Wish I<
>10. Where You Want Me<
>11. Here's To the Dying
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