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Richard Thompson - Old Kit Back (Dual Disc)

Cover von Old Kit Back (Dual Disc)
Richard Thompson
Old Kit Back (Dual Disc)

Label Essential
Erstveröffentlichung 12.09.2005
Format CD+DVD
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>1. Gethsemane<
>2. Jealous words<
>3. I'll tag along<
>4. A love you can't survive<
>5. One door opens<
>6. First breath<
>7. She said it was destiny<
>8. I've got no right to have it all<
>9. Pearly Jim<
>10. Word unspoken, sight unseen<
>11. Outside of the inside<
>12. Happy days and auld lang syne<
>DVD-Side: <
>Entire Album in 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo, Live Performance Videos, Lyrics, Original Reviews, Biography & Computer Extras.
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