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Ben De La Cour - Sweet Anhedonia

Cover von Sweet Anhedonia
Ben De La Cour
Sweet Anhedonia

Label Jullian
Erstveröffentlichung 14.04.2023
Format CD
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"Folk music has a long tradition of darkness and darkness is something I know a lot about." - Ben De La Cour

That darkness takes on new dimensions with his fifth record, Sweet Anhedonia, a gripping collection of Americanoir soundscapes haunted by crooked folk ballads, scorched-earth heartland rockers and even the occasional ode to love, hope and redemption. Bouncing between first-person narratives and sharply-written character studies, these songs radiate a bruised, battered energy, with Ben delivering each one in a voice that's textured by years of hard touring and even harder living.

Recorded with Jim White in Athens and Nashville

1 Appalachian Book of the Dead<
>2 Numbers Game<
>3 Maricopa County<
>4 Shine on the Highway<
>5 Sweet Anhedonia<
>6 Suicide of Town<
>7 Palookaville<
>8 Brother<
>9 American Mind<
>10 I’ve Got Everything I Ever Wanted