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Jayhawks: Smile (ltd. Edition) - Hilfe

Jayhawks - Smile (ltd. Edition)

Cover von Smile (ltd. Edition)
Smile (ltd. Edition)

Label American Recordings
Erstveröffentlichung 14.11.2014
Format 2-LP
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Sechstes Album der Band und das zweite nach dem Fortgang von Mark Olson. Der hat auch den Bandsound mitgenommen, denn die Jayhawks mit Gitarrist Gary Louris am Ruder klingen nach seinen Lieblingsbands: den Beatles und Beach Boys. Und das hört man überdeutlich in jedem einzelnen Song von Smile. Allerdings kann man Gary Louris die Qualität und akribische Ausarbeitung seiner Songs nicht absprechen. Im Prinzip gingen die Jayhawks einen ähnlich Weg wie Wilco damals. Zwei Studio-Outtakes, drei Demos und ein Live-Song finden sich hier als Bonus der remasterten 2014er Edition.


“The Jayhawks' second album since the departure of co-frontman and founding member Mark Olson is the Minneapolis group's most unabashedly pop-centric recording to date. If 1997's somber Sound Of Lies seemed to shade the band's winsome country-folk in post-Olson blues, then Smile brightens it up with a sunny optimism provided by vocalist/guitarist Gary Louris's classic, FM-ready songwriting and lush harmonizing with keyboardist Karen Grotberg and drummer Tim O'Reagan. Smile also bears the mark of producer of Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd,Kiss), who, while regrettably introducing a sputtering drum machine to a song or two, tastefully fattens up the group's '60s (Beatles, Byrds) and '70s (Fleetwood Mac) stylistic leanings with swaying strings, epic guitar solos and polished backing harmonies.” (CMJ)“Titling an album Smile begs comparison to the fabled, impossibly ambitious, never-released Beach Boys project of the same name. And the Twin Cities alt-country band The Jayhawks may just be that audacious, releasing two near-perfect records in the '90s (Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow The Green Grass) before stumbling following the departure of co-leader Mark Olson. While Olson has since independently released several albums with girlfriend Victoria Williams - recording with Mike "Razz" Russell as The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers – The Jayhawks tried and failed to up the ante with 1997's rote, oddly joyless Sound Of Lies, raising the stakes for Smile.
But while the new disc displays ample effort at every turn, periodically spiking the band's ambling, soothing sound with musical and production tricks, it's telling that Smile's lush, catchy title track is all about how you should, well, smile. (To hammer the point home, new member Jen Gunderman coos, "chin up, chin up" in the background.) Beautifully produced and played but lyrically inert, the album's remainder suffers from a similar pursuit of polish over substance, delivering poppy highlights alongside uninspired couplets, at one point even rhyming "little girl" with "great big world" in "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me." Still, the fact that those highlights keep recurring ("Queen Of The World," among others) sets Smile apart from the leaden Sound Of Lies, taking giant steps toward The Jayhawks' increasingly likely return to form.” (The Onion)

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