Various Artists: Nevermind - Hilfe

Various Artists - Nevermind

Cover von Nevermind
Various Artists

Label Glitterhouse Records
Erstveröffentlichung 15.11.2004
Format 3CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 15,00 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Das wirklich allerletzte Exemplar unseres Samplers, den wir uns zum 20ten gegönnt hatten.
3 CDs im 8 teiligen Digipack, das ganze in einer Pappschachtel.

1-1Willard Grant Conspiracy–Soft Hand<
>1-2Thomas Dybdahl–From Grace<
>1-3Lampshade–Because Trees Can Fly<
>1-5Cary Hudson–Things Ain't What They Used To Be<
>1-6Knife In The Water–2 Spades<
>1-7Carla Torgerson–Pelagic<
>1-8Dakota Suite–All That I Can Hold Near<
>1-9Hugo Race–LSD Is Dead<
>1-10Ai Phoenix–Call Me In, Piccard<
>1-11Timesbold–Masters Of War<
>1-12The White Birch–Beauty King<
>1-13Chris Eckman–Befell (Summer Mix)<
>1-14Pere Ubu–SAD.TXT<
>1-1516 Horsepower–American Wheeze (Nightowl Sessions 1993)<
>1-16Savoy Grand–Took (Alternate Version)<
>2-1Midnight Choir–Electric Rain<
>2-3Helldorado–Dead River<
>2-4The Creekdippers–Poor GW<
>2-5Ricochets–Pick Up The Phone<
>2-6Black Lipstick–No Shame<
>2-7Woven Hand–Sparrow Falls<
>2-8Edison Woods–Secrets<
>2-9Friends Of Dean Martinez–Nowhere To Go<
>2-10The Great Crusades–St. Christopher Street<
>2-11Rainer–Love Buys Love<
>2-12The Walkabouts–Eveningland (Abendland)<
>2-14Rocket From The Tombs–Sonic Reducer<
>2-15Salvatore (2)–Hefe<
>2-16Portrait Of David–David's Portrait<
>2-17David Thomas And Two Pale Boys–Obsession<
>Classic Tunes Of Glitterhouse Records<
>3-1Jon Dee Graham–Big Sweet Life<
>3-2Gary Floyd Band–Won't Be So Sad<
>3-3David Munyon–Coney Island<
>3-4Go To Blazes–No Mercy<
>3-5Nadine (8)–Angela<
>3-6The Good Sons–Riding The Range<
>3-7Butch Hancock–If You Were A Bluebird<
>3-9Wagon–Slack Key Blues<
>3-10The Sunshine Club–Lonesome Valley<
>3-11Neal Casal–Free Light Of Day<
>3-12Lou Ford–Sad But Familiar<
>3-13Pinetop 7*–Skyway To Alice<
>3-14Rainer–One Man Crusade<
>3-15Chris & Carla–Swinger 500<
>3-16Terry Lee Hale–Tornado Alley<
>3-17Pleasant Grove–Only A Mountain5:10<
>3-18Califone–Wade On The Water
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