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Cowboy Junkies: Pale Sun Crescent Moon - Hilfe

Cowboy Junkies - Pale Sun Crescent Moon

Cover von Pale Sun Crescent Moon
Cowboy Junkies
Pale Sun Crescent Moon

Label Music On CD
Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format CD
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 11,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

`93er Album, ihr letztes für RCA, in der 2015er Music On CD-Reissue-Version.


“The music of Torontoþs Cowboy Junkies has always been steeped in mystery, as the themes of love, fear and desperate thoughts of loneliness pull at the heartstrings of the bandþs poetic words. The quartetþs fifth album, Pale Sun, Crescent Moon, celebrates the introspective matters of devotion and infatuation, given voice by Margo Timminsþ stark, captivating vocals. Since 1986þs debut Whites Off Earth Now and the haunting 1988 breakthrough The Trinity Sessions, the Cowboy Junkies have steadily established themselves as graceful songsmiths, using simple instrumentation, soft and wistful guitar strums, and select covers to create a moody and spiritual presence. Pale Sun, Crescent Moon reveals a smart, sophisticated atmosphere, reprinting a 17th century still life on its cover and quoting William Faulkner and Gabriel García Márquez in two of its songs. It also extends the bandþs stylistic reach, featuring songs penned by Dinosaur Jrþs J Mascis ("The Post") and R & B songwriter Ray Agee ("Hard To Explain"). Throughout, the Junkies refer back to the musical simplicity of the earlier days, turning the amps up in spots, producing raw bluesy/psychedelic tones or droning down-to-earth hypnotic blues, with Margoþs steady voice providing the unwavering link. Also check out "First Recollection," "Crescent Moon," "Seven Years" and "Floorboard Blues."” (CMJ)
“Canadian band led by siblings Margo, Michael, and Peter Timmins shows a propensity toward rocking harder on latest album. While group still indulges in mood-oriented songs akin to earlier works (see "Crescent Moon," "Ring On The Sill"), it proves it can turn up the juice on numbers like "Seven Years" and cover of California bluesman Ray Agee"s "Hard To Explain." Expanded sonic outlook could awaken new modern rock interest.” (Billboard)

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