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Ry Cooder: Get Rhythm - Hilfe

Ry Cooder - Get Rhythm

Cover von Get Rhythm
Ry Cooder
Get Rhythm

Label WEA
Erstveröffentlichung 08.10.1989
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 8 Werktage
Preis 7,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Album von 1987. Good old Rock’n’Roll von Mr. Cooder, mit: Flaco Jiminez, Jim Keltner und van Dyke Parks nebst anderen und ungeheuerer Spielfreude.


“All those guys whoþre supposed to be guitar heroes, you can keep `e

Iþll take Ry Cooder any day. Cooder has always been the kind of versatile player who could be thrown into virtually any musical setting and turn it into something mega-tasteful just by sliding his fingers over the fretboard. In the past five years cooder has mostly involved himself with soundtrack work (Blue city, crossroads, etc.), as well as helping out the likes of John Hiatt and Duane Eddy on their own projects. Maybe because of that long absence from non-film work, Get Rhythm feels like a special kind of Cooder. Here heþs got no pictures but his own to dress up, and as on Cooderþs best early work (Chicken Skin Music, Paradise And Lunch), he unleashes the musicologist in him to paint a world map. using old friends like accordion master Flaco Jimenez, drummer Jim Keltner and saxist Steve Douglas (with fellow unheralded genius van Dyke Parks on keys), cooder dips into the blues, the gospel and the rock `nþ roll, all the while providing some of the most tantalizing guitar of his career. The Otis Blackwell/Presley hit ûûAll Shook upûû is transformed into a gritty funk-blues, while the Johnny Cash title track is rendered not so much as a rockabilly here as a gospel thatþs slipped south of the border. That fiesta feel is most prominent on the feministþs scourge, Women Will Rule The World,ûû preceded by the gentlest version of a Chuck Berry tune youþre likely to hea
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