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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: The Proposition/Original Soundtrack - Hilfe

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Proposition/Original Soundtrack

Cover von The Proposition/Original Soundtrack
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
The Proposition/Original Soundtrack

Label EMI
Erstveröffentlichung 27.07.2012
Format CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

Mit Bad Seeds Geiger Warren Ellis komponierter und eingespielter Soundtrack zum Western, dessen Buch Cave schrieb. Gehört haben wir noch nichts, aber das folgende glauben wir gerne: “A powerful western drama set in the savage Eden of 1880s Australia, …an elemental story of family conflict and primal violence, destructive love and divided loyalties. Cave has also composed the filmþs soundtrack in conjunction with Warren Ellis, his longtime Bad Seeds collaborator and multi-instrumentalist frontman of The Dirty Three. Incorporating soft chamber pieces, ghostly moodscapes and whispered laments, these 16 tracks are as starkly beautiful as the landscape of the film. Story and music are closely intertwined.”

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