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Various Artists - Studio On DJ Party

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Various Artists
Studio On DJ Party

Label Soul Jazz
Erstveröffentlichung 20.09.2019
Format CD
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 16,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Soul Jazz Records' new Studio One DJ Party is the latest installation from the mighty Studio One Records catalogue, a wicked new collection of the finest DJs and toasters ever to inhabit the world of reggae - seminal Jamaican artists including Prince Jazzbo, Dillinger, Dennis Alcapone, Michigan & Smiley, Lone Ranger as well as a host of lesser known artists and rare cuts from Studio One. This selection spans the early 70s up until the mid-1980s, from the earliest days of deejay toasting right up until digital dancehall, ground-breaking tracks over the finest selection of the ultimate Studio One rhythms and tracks. Who could ask for more?

1. Sceechie Dan - We A Don<
>2. Lone Ranger - My Number<
>3. Dennis Alcapone - Riddle I This<
>4. Kentrus - It A Fi Bun<
>5. Lone Ranger - Apprentice Dentist<
>6. King Sporty - DJ Special<
>7. Prince Jazzbo - Little Joe<
>8. Jim Brown - Ragga Muffin<
>9. Mad Roy - Universal Love<
>10. King Sporty - Choice Of Music<
>11. King Stitt - Rhyming Time<
>12. Prince Jazzbo - Fire Coal Version<
>13. Dillinger - Fountain On The Mountain<
>14. Michigan & Smiley - Thank You Jah<
>15. Prince Garthie - Raindrops<
>16. Jah Buzz - Automatic Clapping<
>17. Dennis Alcapone - El Paso<
>18. Big Joe - Nanny Version Skank
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