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Tricky - Blowback

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Label Anti
Erstveröffentlichung 01.07.2001
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 8 Werktage
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2001er Album, nach drei kommerziellen Flops bei Island rausgeflogen und nun bei einem Sublabel von Epitaph gelandet, laut Tricky selbst der stilistische Nachfolger zu Maxinquaye. Tricky in eingängig bis positiv kommerziell, mit einer lange Gästeliste (Cindy Lauper, Ed Kowalczyk, Alanis Morissette, Abersunshower, Flea & Frusciante etc.), denen er zumeist die Vocals überlässt. „Blowback“ ist bewußt kommerzieller gehalten, aber Tricky wäre nicht der Unberechenbare, würden nicht hinter jeder Ecke Überraschungen und kleine Querschläger lauern.


“For a guy whose solo arrival in þ95 instantly turned him into an underground icon, Tricky has handled the mantle of artistic pioneer with aplomb. Heþs steadily released a series of recordings that have slightly bent and twisted his street-wise soundscapes and paranoid vibe. But with Blowback, Tricky begins to emerge from his self-constructed haze. Is it his recent move to L.A. for these recording sessions that caused such a noticeable change? A simple desire to expand his palette? Who knows, but Blowback is marked by warm and more welcoming material draped around a series of vocal contributions, recalling the construct of his 1996 Nearly God release. Yet where Trickyþs previous guests sounded like denizens of the underworld by the time he was done with them, Blowbackþs contributors (which include Ed Kowalczyk from Live, three of the four Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cyndi Lauper and more) sound very much like themselves, driving each songs structure and production. Of particular note is the presence of dancehall MC Hawkman, whose ragged pipes alternate between dissonant melodies and heavy-lidded toasting on six of the albumþs better cuts.” (CMJ)

1. Excess, Evolution revolution love
2. Over me
3. Girls
4. You donþt wanna
5. No. 1 da woman
6. Your name
7. Diss never
8. Bury the evidence
9. Something in the way
10. Five days
11. Give it to þem
12. A song for Yukiko
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