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Scritti Politti - Early (reissue)

Cover von Early (reissue)
Scritti Politti
Early (reissue)

Label Rough Trade
Erstveröffentlichung 17.11.2023
Format 2-LP
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 28,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

"Early" brought together a series of formative recordings from the late 70s and early 80s, for an America-only vinyl release in 2005. The collection, accompanied by sleeve notes from Green Gartside, included the band"s debut single "Skank Bloc Bologna", along with seminal tracks including The "Sweetest Girl", "27/8/78" and "Lions After Slumber", and offered a stunning chance to enjoy the long-overlooked musical foundations of Scritti Politti again. Emerging from the scene around Leeds Art School, with fellow travellers The Mekons and The Gang Of Four, and recorded while the band were residing in a Camden squat organised along Marxist principles, these post-punk rallying cries which prefigured Green and co"s pop-leaning rebirth several years later, were the songs that grabbed the attention of John Peel, Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and a generation of music fans who helped bring the indie music scene - and the labels that accompanied it - into existence. A musical community in which Scritti Politti played an influential and formative role.

1. Skank Bloc Bologna<
>2. Is And Ought The Western World<
>3. 28/8/78<
>4. Messthetics<
>5. Hegemony<
>6. Scritlocks Door<
>7. Opec - Immac<
>8. Bibbly-o-tek<
>9. Doubt Beat<
>10. Confidence<
>11. P.A.s<
>12. The "Sweetest Girl"<
>13. Lions After Slumber
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