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Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album

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Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album

Label Warp
Erstverffentlichung 01.01.2009
Format CD
Lieferzeit 4 7 Werktage
Preis 16,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Richard D. James, the dance music alchemist known as Aphex Twin, has procured a long-awaited batch of mind-altering, soul-rattling beats and experimental sounds on his two-disc opus Drukqs. Interpret what you want from the title of his first LP since 1996s Richard D. Jame

months after listening to the 30-track double album you may be proclaiming, I dont have a Drukqs problem! As intriguingly infectious as his protgs Autechre and Squarepusher, James likes to fuck with your head, and theres plenty here to do that. Ears become the gateways to another dimension as Aphex Twin sonically diverts chemical flow to the brain with the type of perverted sounds hes made into his calling card. Jamess songs have the effect of conjuring the most frightening and sublime images. With scattered styles from track to track, hitting the shuffle on the player wont make a difference. On Gwarek 2, muffled women run screaming from aliens as they claw a chain-link fence, their desperate scraping forming the tracks rhythm. And yet, Drukqs - with its own dictionary of warped words for track titles - isnt just about the fear it can induce. Lovely Satie- or Phillip Glass-inspired compositions (Kesson Daslef, Beskhu3epnm) make the come down all the more welcome. And the IDM (emphasis on the D) tracks (Taking Control, Ziggomati V17) provide doses of futuro-junglist music for beat addicts. Lets hope the authorities dont catch on and make Druqks illegal. (CMJ)
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