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Kittywinder - Livre Des Monsters

Cover von Livre Des Monsters
Livre Des Monsters

Label Zero Hour
Erstveröffentlichung 02.10.2009
Format CD
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"Sometimes bringing to mind Madder Rose, alternative pop-rockers Kittywinder showed some potential on the appealing, if a tad uneven, Livre Des Monstres. Though this predominantly female foursome (drummer Mike Hart is the only male member) doesn't hesitate to use dissonance, abstraction and a little distortion, its striking sense of melody is the thing that really defines selections like "Secret," "Monopoly Girl" and "Deep Sea." There are some abrasive moments, but on the whole, singers/guitarists Stephanie Giorgio and Christine Lee and bassist Laura Cuozzo bring a likable melodic and harmonic appeal to Kittywinder's above-average material. Livre Des Monstres indicated that Kittywinder was a band to keep an eye on." - Allmusic

1. Deep Sea<
>2. Crazy Need<
>3. Hetty Green<
>4. Secret<
>5. Sugar<
>6. Monopoly Girl<
>7. Bats<
>8. Mighty Axe<
>9. Radio ESP<
>10. Twinemaker<
>11. Nevada<
>12. Alibi