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Trans Am - You Can Always Get What You Want

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Trans Am
You Can Always Get What You Want

Label Thrill Jockey
Erstveröffentlichung 15.05.2000
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 8 Werktage
Preis 14,95 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

CD-Überblick mit raren Singletracks, exklusiven Live-Aufnahmen und seltenen Sampler-Beiträgen (insgesamt 18 Stücke).
„...bislang außerhalb Japans unveröffentlichte Tracks, die dort als Bonustracks die Alben zierten, aufgenommen 1993 bis `98. Daraus wird in diesem Fall schon wieder ein richtiges Album, und zwar ein außerordentlich auf- und anregendes, gerade weil es (noch!) weniger klassisch und stringent aufgebaut ist als der eopchale Vorgänger `Futureworld´... Ein Rockalbum ohne `Rock´, das rockt wie die Hölle und Punk-, Elektronik und Krautrock-Fans gleichermassen Ohren und Gehirn durchlüftet wie ein neonblauer Wirbelsturm.“ (WOM Journal)


18-track-compilation with rare tracks recorded between `93 and `98. Most of them stem from Japanese releases, which usually have a few rextras.

1993, CHAPEL HILL, NC- Convening at a local watering hole called The Cave during one of the hottest summers ever recorded, Trans Am is refused beer by the bartender but overcomes that setback to burn through their set of songs fashioned out of guitar, bass, drums and Casio keyboard. An incredibly weird sounding recording is made of the show and is issued as a split seven inch on S.K.A.M. The other half of the split is occupied by a band who has recorded with John McEntire. McEntire, upon hearing the single, is smitten with the band he hasn't recorded and passes the single onto Thrill Jockey's Bettina Richards. History begins. 1995, TAKOMA PARK, MD- Settling here, working menial jobs, the band begins playing shows with regularity both in DC and around the country. Going mostly unnoticed by Washington's intelligentsia, Trans Am develops a loyal following in Chicago, San Francisco and cities in between. The band sets up Trans Manor, the studio where they will record many of the tracks that make up You Can Always Get What You Want, as well as their ground breaking second record Surrender to the Night. Included on this compilation and recorded during this time is the Happy Go Lucky twelve-inch, which features drummer Jon Theodore (Golden, Royal Trux) on one track, the Strength magazine one-sided flexi disc and the split twelve-inch on Friction Media that came with Tuba Frenzy. 1996-1999, JAPAN- Featuring up to as many as ten bonus tracks a record, Japanese versions of Trans Am releases begin to make their way stateside. Infuriating fans who are forced to pay exorbitant prices, yet pleasing retailers and distributors whom are illegally importing these titles, Trans Am marvel at the injustice. While the additional tracks lead to massive Trans Am sales in Japan-regularly exceeding 200 copies and having one track go the dance charts of Singapore-fans throughout the rest of the world wonder aloud at shows and over the internet, "why must we be penalized?" 2000, THE WORLD- Opening their vaults for the first time Trans Am releases You Can Always Get What You Want. Featuring a host of vinyl only releases, compilation appearances, unreleased material and the often sought after Japanese bonus tracks, You Can Always Get What You Want could also be christened, The Fans' Record. Collecting for the first time all this material onto a convenient compact disc, You Can Always Get What You Want will finally tip the scales back into place.

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