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Fleetwood Mac - Classic Albums: Rumours

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Fleetwood Mac
Classic Albums: Rumours

Label Eagle Vision
Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2005
Format DVD
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75-minütige Chronik des Millionensellers. Sowohl Lindsay Buckingham als auch Stevie Nicks greifen hier erneut zur Gitarre und wie auch bei The Band wurde das Originalmaster neu eingelegt und mit den Spuren gespielt.


Oh, the heartache. Oh, the drug intake. And oh, the sales records they did break. Itþs all here in this 70-minute, 1997 chronicle of the making of one of pop musicþs biggest albums ever, Rumours. All five members of Fleetwood Macþs most successful incarnation are interviewed, and their comments are even more candid than the confessional songs ("Dreams," "Go Your Own Way" et al.) on the album itsel

descriptions of the torturous process of making a record while John and Christine McVieþs marriage and the Lindsey Buckingham- Stevie Nicks liaison were breaking up at the same time makes for compelling, if slightly discomfiting, viewing. Meanwhile, lest one forget that Rumours was terrific as well as revealing, plenty of attention is paid to the songs. Particularly fascinating (as with most Classic Albums packages) are the breakdowns of the separate instrumental and vocal components of individual tracks. A great tale, wonderfully told.
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