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Johnny Adams: Heart & Soul - Hilfe

Johnny Adams - Heart & Soul

Cover von Heart & Soul
Johnny Adams
Heart & Soul

Erstveröffentlichung 01.12.2004
Format CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

Ein wunderbarer 2004er 18-Track-Sampler mit allen Hits seiner frühen Jahre. Enthält das komplette gleichnamige Album von 1969 (war eine Sammlung seiner größten/besten Stücke aus den 60ern), plus 7 weitere Songs von 1969 und 1970. Seine fantastische Stimme war genreübergreifend eine der besten überhaupt, einfach grandios!! Stimmgewaltig, inbrünstig, voller Gefühl, mit großem Umfang, phrasierungsreich, öfters aufs Schönste in´s Falsett kippend, manchmal einfach unglaublich. Unterstützt von ausgezeichneter Gitarre, ob als Slide, scharf oder filigran, meist Piano oder Orgel, zur Hälfte auch von Bläsern. Seine Musik war stets ganz tief im Süden verankert, hier zu einem Drittel balladesk, meist R´n´B bzw. Deep Soul, aber auch mal Gospel-beeinflußt, New Orleans-Style, groovy-funky oder sowas wie Country Soul. Stücke wie Reconsider Me oder Release Me sind nicht mehr zu übertreffen, Weltklasse, absolute Alltime-Klassiker. Große Empfehlung! (dvd)


Lathan John Adams was born on January 5, 1932 in New Orleans, and forever known as the “Tan Canary” for his extraordinary set of soulfully soaring vocal cords, Johnny Adams was a professional gospel singer before crossing over to the secular world in 1959, when his first recordings appeared on Ric Records.
Three years later he secured a minor R&B success with “A Losing Battle”, a slow ballad co-written by Dr. John. In 1968 he joined Shelby Singleton's SSS International outlet and scored a hit the following year with “Reconsider Me”, an inspired piece of country-soul. Although subsequent releases failed to match this performance, the strong HEART AND SOUL followed.
Johnny signed with Atlantic Records in the early '70s, but his work there was disappointing. A later move to Ariola Records resulted in a remake of Conway Twitty's two-year-old country hit, “After All The Good Is Gone”, giving Adams a 1978 US R&B chart entry. He recorded for various labels, notably including Rounder (where he recorded a famous Doc Pomus set), until his unfortunate cancer-related death on September 14, 1998.
This compilation includes the best from his Nashville period (late 60’s early 70’s): to many, his most fabulous work. The bulk of this album is the homonimous “Heart And Soul”, a rare album by this sweet southern soul singer - recorded for the great SSS International label on 1969, with Shelby Singleton at the helm producing. The record's got that strange mix of styles that you'll hear on the best of the Nashville soul sessions - and there's a lot more to the sound than meets the eye. It includes his single “Lonely Man”, plus a bunch of other smokey cuts like “Losing Battle”, “Real Live Living Hurtin' Man”, “I Can't Be All Bad”, and “Reconsider Me”, with his death-defying falsetto range. One of the most famous popular singles New Orleans has ever produced, with a prodigious voice that allowed him to sing equally soul, blues, gospel, R&B and jazz -and shoot chills down your spine in every stile, in his home town there are just three cathegories of male vocalists: Aaron Neville, Johnny Adams and the rest.

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